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Telemarketing: Where Do You Go From Here

Now that you’ve made the smart choice and you’ve finally decided to migrate your sales and marketing efforts to Telemarketing, there’s definitely nowhere else to go but up. Of course, the time it will take for your company to get there will depend entirely on how you approach this matter and how efficiently you maximize the most out of your telemarketing efforts.

Will you do it in-house or will you outsource? If security is an issue for your company and you’re quite convinced not one of the many telemarketing call centers out there can assure you of your company’s data security or you think that you can give your company that unique advantage because it’s one of your company’s core competencies, you’d probably do your telemarketing campaign in-house. Naturally, there will be additional costs but if your company doesn’t mind shelling out more, then, it’s all good. A company who chooses to do it in-house must:

• Hire qualified employees • Train the employee • Pay employee wages and benefits • Provide the employees their own workstations • Provide the technology needed like a computer, software and hardware, phone, Internet access, copier, fax machine, etc. • Pay for telecommunications costs

Often times the company opting for the in-house approach incurs additional expenses on top of the existing one for certain events force majeure such as:

• Scheduled vacations • Unscheduled absences • Unscheduled sick days • Unscheduled Family leave • Maternity leave

Amazingly with outsourcing, the company must only:

• Locate a reliable and high-quality vendor • Pay the vendor for the services provided

Looking at the reasons listed above, it seems obvious why majority of companies switching over their sales and marketing to telemarketing, choose outsourcing as the most practical and cost-effective solution to increasing their profit. Management can focus more on resolving core issues without distractions because their outsourced services are being taken care of by the telemarketing side.

It’s important to know and understand that telemarketing is not the be-all end-all of sales strategies. Instead, it’s just one method of performing the sales process. Just like other tried and tested sales method, success in closing a sale over the phone is dependent on finding qualified prospects to call.

But let’s be clear, not all telemarketing programs are successful. Some fail due to improper handling and execution, unrealistic goals on a short time frame, oversimplifying important concerns, and lack of top management support. These reasons just to name a few have caused good telemarketing campaigns to fail just like that. Like any marketing strategy, telemarketing takes careful, well thought planning and development. It needs nurturing. It takes time to gain confidence in the process, identify areas for improvements, and to predict results.

Some of the most common mistakes telemarketing companies make:

• telemarketing wasn’t even considered as an option • the lack or absence of total commitment • failing to develop a proper database and lead generation • improper human resource planning and allocation • not having proper scripts and call guides • lack of quality control

Identifying the most common reasons why telemarketing companies fail and learning from them should be a good start for you and your company. Hopefully, we’ve also established that outsourcing your sales and marketing endeavors is the only choice if success is to be guaranteed. These should put you a little closer to being a mature, marketable and profitable company. Be a step ahead of the competition, in a manner of speaking. Now that you know all these, it’s time to act, sit back, relax and let the gears of telemarketing turn and work to your advantage.

Source by Anne Geller

How to Market Your MLM Company

MLM Marketing 101

Let us guess, you’re probably reading this because you’ve exhausted all the ways your upline has told you to market your MLM business.  Or maybe you’re just looking for some fresh new ideas to help fuel an already successful business.  Whatever the reason, you’re here to throw out the old and try something new and that is great!  One thing we know for sure is that this industry is always changing and you really have to be on your game if you want to succeed.

First things first, we can guarantee that there are some imperative marketing strategies that your upline is not telling you!  Hosting parties, chasing down friends and family, and prospect lists are all things of the past!  While these things have once worked, it is 2011 and times have indeed changed.  Marketing your MLM business to those around you is only confining you to a very small and more often than not, uninterested market.  Let’s be honest, no matter how great your product or compensation plan is,   they just don’t want to join your business.  That’s totally fine!  In this industry, in order to reach residual income status, you have to have people under you who are willing to work and who are enthused to be a part of this business.  There is absolutely no room for dead weight so be glad that they turned down your opportunity!  You need to reach targeted people who are not only interested in joining your business, they are HUNGRY for it.  And you need to reach thousands of these hungry, interested people.  Guaranteed you can’t do that off some “list” that your upline told you to build and barrel through.  So where can you find these red hot leads if it’s not trekking through your friends and acquaintances?  The Internet!

To reach the massive success that you want in the MLM industry you have to leverage your business online.

Now your upline isn’t completely wrong with telling you to market offline, because you have to have a healthy dose of both online and offline marketing.  However badgering those close to you is not the way to go about expanding your MLM business.  Take this example: let’s say you despise pork but your friend keeps insisting that you try their “special” home cooked pork chops because they’re sooooo delicious.  You decline but every time you see this friend they ask you to try their tasty pork chops.  This would get on your nerves right?  Well that’s how it is for them; they don’t want to hear about your great MLM opportunity every time they cross paths with you!  We’re here to tell you, gone are the days of such misery.  The internet is here literally overflowing with information and strategies to help you attain your residual income!  The internet is the only place that you have the access to MILLIONS of people.  More and more companies are ditching the more traditional ways of marketing and turning to the internet because in this day and age the internet is king.  Upgrade yourself from Network Marketer to Internet Marketer.  You’re first call of duty as an Internet Marketer is to get yourself an attraction marketing system.  Having an attraction marketing system is another awesome tool on the internet because it does exactly what it says.  It shows you how to attract those hungry network marketers right to you.  Once you have all of these people in your possession your attraction marketing system will show you exactly what to do with them and how to make some loot off of them in the process.  Not too shabby, right?  Embrace the new ways of the internet, we promise it will blow your business through the roof!  It’s time for you to join the elite who make it to the top of their MLM companies and it’s time for you to reap the benefits of having a residual income!

Source by Kirsten Goudeau

Marketing Manager Jobs – How to Succeed as a Marketing Manager

The duty of a marketing manager is to develop a base of customers who will do business with the company. He is responsible for formulating the marketing plan of a company. A marketing manager is assisted by assistants, product development manager, and by a market research team.

The job of a marketing manager requires the following:

• Long hours of travel
• Years and years of experience
• They have a demanding career
• Marketing managers get handsome salaries from the companies.

Some tips for those who want to become marketing managers:

• Start by securing a degree in marketing. A marketing manager has to acquire a minimum qualification of a BA or a BS in marketing, or in business management. Sometimes even a degree related to a specialized course in a particular company’s field also works. Some of the companies call for an MBA degree also.

• In order to have a successful marketing manager career, it is important to do a few internships before you take up a job. Internships give you a fair idea about practical work. Your management degree is incomplete without internships.

• If you come across a marketing manager on a regular basis, noticing how he does his job is a great way to learn the trade. You can also ask him about any queries you have related to the job.

• You must spend the formative years of your career as marketing assistant, sales representative, market researcher or a customer service representative before you get promoted to the position of a marketing manager. The experience you gain will contribute enormously to your marketing manager career.

• You must ensure that you have good communication skills. if you find any problems in communication then do not waste time- just get enrolled in a course which teaches you how to communicate effectively. You also have to develop your writing skills. there are 2 types of writing skills that you might have to develop – creative skills and technical writing skills.

• Be ready to accept transfers. You might be transferred from the headquarters of your company to another branch of your company. This might increase your chances of promotion. Many people have inhibitions about transfers. But this should not be the case.

• You will find out that a lot of management training programs are going on around you. You can take part in these programs besides doing your course. These will serve as added benefits. They will be useful in enhancing your skills as well as your resume.

• The salary of a marketing manager depends on the industry in which he is working. There are other factors affecting the salary of a marketing manager like size of the company, location of offices etc. The salary increases with work experience. After some years in a marketing manager’s career, he is supposed to get a higher salary. If you are not happy with the present salary that your company is paying you, find out if there are marketing manager vacancies in other companies that offer a better salary.

Source by Silas Reed

Challenges in Sales Channel Management Marketing

Manufacturing an item is a big thing yet rendering it to the consumer is no small deal. Organizations carry a number of brainstorming sessions to figure out the very best strategy to distribute their products amongst the customers. The word most often used by the marketers for this predicament is channel management.

So what’s meant by channel management?

A layman may feel puzzled by the term, though the term is commonly utilized by the marketing experts. Sales channel management generally is a procedure wherein a business sets official programs by which it can advertise its products and provide service to its customers in a specific channel. The purpose of channel management marketing is to make sure growth of the company by means of increased sales. There are numerous sales channels through which a product could be passed on to the end user such as direct marketing and advertising, indirect marketing, marketing a product with the help of World Wide Web or even by making use of traditional retail atmosphere. The role of channel management is to allow business identify which sales channel or even a combination of sales channels can affect their business in a beneficial way.

The way to set the best channel management?

Marketing gurus realize that the the majority of fundamental aspect of arranging an effective channel management is to have a very clear understanding of your product and also the nature and profile of the user. You should make a note of the factors like how complicated is your product? is it difficult to sell? What is the price of the product? An costly item targets on a small group of people so the best sales method in this case would be door to door selling. Lots of sales channel management experts recommend companies to utilize a combination of sales channels. Direct approach will help you connect with your end users directly and moreover help you get precious insight. Yet, if your product is a bit complicated, you will like to use VAR and System Integration partners. Here your partners can be educated on the product so you don’t have to develop and even manage the price of your own assets.

Experts feel that the best method in channel management marketing is to work with all available means and then find the best way to increase your sales. In case of limited resources, businesses must start out with direct marketing and also then try out numerous channels, one by one and also thereafter pick a channel that provides them optimum output.

Challenges in channel management

Successful sales channel management is a challenging task for the majority of experts. However, fortunately, things have turn out to be simpler nowadays with the help of channel management software. Present-day advanced channel management marketing resources help you to examine the overall channel strategy. This can help companies prioritize channels in a much better fashion so sales as well as the profits can be enhanced.

Source by Walt Robertson

What is A Lead Capture Page?

If your new to online marketing chances are you are probably wondering what is a lead capture page, and why do you hear so many people talking about them. Well you are in luck, because today I would like to explain to you what a lead capture page is and why it is so important to have one.

Lead capture page A lead capture page is designed to tease someone and only show important facts and leaving the reading wanting to find out more information. This is when the person reading the lead capture page can then enter in his or her name and email address into the small form on the page.

Once the person enters his or her name and email address into the form you now have what is called a lead. This person has taken the time to view your lead page and is interested in learning more.

Lead capture pages can come in all sizes and shapes, but the best performing lead pages are the ones that are short and get right to the point. Most people will only stay on a website for a few seconds so its important your page jumps out and makes the person reading it request more information.

So why is it so important to use a lead capture page?

I am sure by now you heard that the money is in the list, and people are not lying when they say that. You must build an email list if you wish to make a good deal of money online.

The quickest and easiest way to do this is to build a lead capture page and have people enter in their name and email address requesting more information. This works, because those who fill out your lead page form are called targeted leads, and have a very good chance of joining or buying something from you.

One other important thing you will need to go along with your lead capture page is called an auto responder. This will allow you to easily follow up with the people who fill out their names and emails on your lead page. is a company that has been around for years, and offers great support and video tutorials that walk you through the setup process. They are extremely user friendly and have a great support staffing you can call if you need help.

So now the next time you hear someone talking about lead capture pages, and why they are so good you will know exactly what they are talking about. Remember the money is in the list!

Source by Chris Rohrer