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Marketing Manager Jobs – How to Succeed as a Marketing Manager

The duty of a marketing manager is to develop a base of customers who will do business with the company. He is responsible for formulating the marketing plan of a company. A marketing manager is assisted by assistants, product development manager, and by a market research team.

The job of a marketing manager requires the following:

• Long hours of travel
• Years and years of experience
• They have a demanding career
• Marketing managers get handsome salaries from the companies.

Some tips for those who want to become marketing managers:

• Start by securing a degree in marketing. A marketing manager has to acquire a minimum qualification of a BA or a BS in marketing, or in business management. Sometimes even a degree related to a specialized course in a particular company’s field also works. Some of the companies call for an MBA degree also.

• In order to have a successful marketing manager career, it is important to do a few internships before you take up a job. Internships give you a fair idea about practical work. Your management degree is incomplete without internships.

• If you come across a marketing manager on a regular basis, noticing how he does his job is a great way to learn the trade. You can also ask him about any queries you have related to the job.

• You must spend the formative years of your career as marketing assistant, sales representative, market researcher or a customer service representative before you get promoted to the position of a marketing manager. The experience you gain will contribute enormously to your marketing manager career.

• You must ensure that you have good communication skills. if you find any problems in communication then do not waste time- just get enrolled in a course which teaches you how to communicate effectively. You also have to develop your writing skills. there are 2 types of writing skills that you might have to develop – creative skills and technical writing skills.

• Be ready to accept transfers. You might be transferred from the headquarters of your company to another branch of your company. This might increase your chances of promotion. Many people have inhibitions about transfers. But this should not be the case.

• You will find out that a lot of management training programs are going on around you. You can take part in these programs besides doing your course. These will serve as added benefits. They will be useful in enhancing your skills as well as your resume.

• The salary of a marketing manager depends on the industry in which he is working. There are other factors affecting the salary of a marketing manager like size of the company, location of offices etc. The salary increases with work experience. After some years in a marketing manager’s career, he is supposed to get a higher salary. If you are not happy with the present salary that your company is paying you, find out if there are marketing manager vacancies in other companies that offer a better salary.

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