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Let us guess, you’re probably reading this because you’ve exhausted all the ways your upline has told you to market your MLM business.  Or maybe you’re just looking for some fresh new ideas to help fuel an already successful business.  Whatever the reason, you’re here to throw out the old and try something new and that is great!  One thing we know for sure is that this industry is always changing and you really have to be on your game if you want to succeed.

First things first, we can guarantee that there are some imperative marketing strategies that your upline is not telling you!  Hosting parties, chasing down friends and family, and prospect lists are all things of the past!  While these things have once worked, it is 2011 and times have indeed changed.  Marketing your MLM business to those around you is only confining you to a very small and more often than not, uninterested market.  Let’s be honest, no matter how great your product or compensation plan is,   they just don’t want to join your business.  That’s totally fine!  In this industry, in order to reach residual income status, you have to have people under you who are willing to work and who are enthused to be a part of this business.  There is absolutely no room for dead weight so be glad that they turned down your opportunity!  You need to reach targeted people who are not only interested in joining your business, they are HUNGRY for it.  And you need to reach thousands of these hungry, interested people.  Guaranteed you can’t do that off some “list” that your upline told you to build and barrel through.  So where can you find these red hot leads if it’s not trekking through your friends and acquaintances?  The Internet!

To reach the massive success that you want in the MLM industry you have to leverage your business online.

Now your upline isn’t completely wrong with telling you to market offline, because you have to have a healthy dose of both online and offline marketing.  However badgering those close to you is not the way to go about expanding your MLM business.  Take this example: let’s say you despise pork but your friend keeps insisting that you try their “special” home cooked pork chops because they’re sooooo delicious.  You decline but every time you see this friend they ask you to try their tasty pork chops.  This would get on your nerves right?  Well that’s how it is for them; they don’t want to hear about your great MLM opportunity every time they cross paths with you!  We’re here to tell you, gone are the days of such misery.  The internet is here literally overflowing with information and strategies to help you attain your residual income!  The internet is the only place that you have the access to MILLIONS of people.  More and more companies are ditching the more traditional ways of marketing and turning to the internet because in this day and age the internet is king.  Upgrade yourself from Network Marketer to Internet Marketer.  You’re first call of duty as an Internet Marketer is to get yourself an attraction marketing system.  Having an attraction marketing system is another awesome tool on the internet because it does exactly what it says.  It shows you how to attract those hungry network marketers right to you.  Once you have all of these people in your possession your attraction marketing system will show you exactly what to do with them and how to make some loot off of them in the process.  Not too shabby, right?  Embrace the new ways of the internet, we promise it will blow your business through the roof!  It’s time for you to join the elite who make it to the top of their MLM companies and it’s time for you to reap the benefits of having a residual income!

Source by Kirsten Goudeau

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