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Most of the management degrees that are doled out domestically and internationally are in the marketing field. Be it the internet or the real world, marketing as emerged as THE most important factor to build businesses today. The pay packet being also high, the recruits aren’t complaining either! Here’s a look at the top marketing jobs today arranged in order of descending popularity. Nevertheless, the last marketing job on the list is one of the coolest considering the growing awareness in business houses regarding social responsibility –surely helps to build their image!

Best Marketing Job Opportunity #1: Public Relations

There is no other better job in the marketing scenario which can compete with public relations. Companies growing aware of the need of the hour are stressing on such jobs more than ever!

Best Marketing Job Opportunity #2: Advertising

Compared to the top job on the list, marketing and advertising jobs are jobs which attract a lot of money and of course the recruits are the best paid in the business too! A great job in case you want to explore your creative side too!

Best Marketing Job Opportunity #3: Research and Markets

Market research is what marketing professional should excel at. Market projections and trend analysis are cool tools of the technically inclined marketing expert!

Best Marketing Job Opportunity #4: Brand Building

Today, to survive the immense competition in the market, a company needs to invest heavily in brand building and it is only the brand managers who can do justice to the investment from the company.

Best Marketing Job Opportunity #5: Marketing and Promotion

From emails to sending physical mails, it is all about promotion today. Marketing has never been more inclined towards product promotion and this wave is to continue for at least another century if not less.

Best Marketing Job Opportunity #6: Retail marketing Jobs

Retail outlets opening stores in the market are sure indicators of the kind of business strategy that is growing today – a clear case of display and visual marketing (and sales at the same time!).

Best Marketing Job Opportunity #7: Marketing via Internet

The internet is undoubtedly the best place to be on today. The internet has thrown up opportunities like never before and unparalleled. No wonder everyone is flocking to have a share of the elusive pie today!

Best Marketing Job Opportunity #8: Managerial Flings

Marketing management jobs are the top jobs in a marketing job setup. Here you’re the boss and are above all but work with everyone in your team. It is your responsibility to build and nurture the best marketing team the company has ever seen!

Best Marketing Job Opportunity #9: Network Building

It is networking that individuals and companies look forward to. In case you can help the company network more comprehensively, there is no doubt about the fact that it is one of the most handsomely paid jobs on the list!

Best Marketing Job Opportunity #10: Non-Government, Non-Profit Marketing Jobs

Last on the least but definitely not the least powerful is a job that defines the humane face of the corporate world. Money is not the only driving force here but motivation to work for the welfare of the society is!

Source by Silas Reed

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