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History of the coca cola company

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Market share

Marketing strategies of the coca cola company

Financial report of the company




Company history

Griggs Candler purchased a stake of the company in 1887 and the company was named the coca cola company. Benjamin Thomas and J. whitehead bought the exclusive rights of the company in 1899 who founded the Coca-Cola bottling company.

During the second world war the company sold soft drinks to US soldiers and as a result the company set up bottling plants in other regions, this led to the wide spread popularity of the drink all over the world which was as a result of US soldiers when they returned home from the war. In recent years due to increased competition the company has involved itself in ownership of franchises all over the world.


According to the company’s 2005 report the coca cola company sells over 400 brands to over 200 countries where it is estimated that over 50 billion beverages are consumed per day worldwide. This means that the company’s products are not limited to the U.S but are global.

Marketing strategies

In many types of businesses the selling costs are usually higher than production costs. Due to this fact the marketing strategies of each respective company are paramount. On its part the coca-cola company uses many strategies including Advertisements & campaigns (“The Zero Movement”). The Zero Movement is a campaign by Coke to sell a new sugar-free drink called “coca cola zero” in Australia. The campaign has involved marketing strategies like buying billboards and the backs of magazines for adverts apparently by “The Zero Movement”, as well as putting up posters in public places.

The company also uses sponsorships as a way of marketing itself in various activities in America and all over the world. These sponsors range from the fields of sports, education, institutional and many other fields.

The company also enters into mergers and joint ventures to market itself especially where it is not the market leader or there is stiff competition, e.g. in Peru, where the native Inca Kola has been more popular than Coca-Cola, which prompted Coca-Cola to enter in negotiations with the soft drink’s company and buy 50% of its stakes. In many places the company owns a stake in a local franchise just to have their brand name printed on the products.

Financial report

In the first year of sales Pemberton sold drinks and earned 50 dollars, however the production cost of these drinks for that year was 70 dollars, however after Candler purchased the companies rights he aggressively marketed the products and the sales increased by over 4000% and therefore the drink become the most popular drink in America.

Annual income report:

All amounts in millions of US Dollars



Gross Profit

Operating Income

Total Net Income

Diluted EPS (Net Income)

Dec 06






Dec 05






Dec 04






The coca-cola company is also boosted by the fact that it’s listed on both the New York stock exchange and the Dow Jones Industrial Average[9]

Projections for the next 3 years will be released on17th April 2007.


Although the company has been voted among the most successful companies in the world, the company has been criticized on many fronts including its perceived relationship with human rights violations and other perceived unethical practices[10].

In regards to environmental issues in India, there has been a controversy over pesticides possibly showing up in the product, as well as the company’s over-use of local water supplies in some locations. Packagings used in Coca-Cola’s products have a significant environmental impact but the company strongly opposes attempts to introduce mechanisms such as container deposit legislation[12]


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The Ideal Physical Therapy Marketing Plan

Marketing your practice is a vital part of its success. If you made the decision to become a physical therapist, you are no doubt excited by the power to heal. When starting out, you may not know how to begin your physical therapy marketing plan. How do you get customers to your clinic? Once you have established a practice, how do you tell others about your services? This is where a plan on marketing plan is important.

Physical therapy marketing means not only securing clients, but also keeping them hooked. You also need to use physical therapy marketing to attract new clients. If marketing is not your cup of tea, hire a physical therapy marketing company to help you out. If you choose to do it yourself, here are some tips to help you pursue it effectively:

When you meet doctors, take the time to convince them of your abilities. Doctors are often asked to recommend a physical therapist, so take advantage of this physical therapy marketing opportunity and work towards referrals. Ask physicians if you can demonstrate your techniques to them to gain credibility and promote a working relationship. Find every opportunity to tell others about your practice

Try and spread flyers and information brochures at several different locations, with non competing service providers. These can include orthopaedic surgeons, chiropractors, massage therapists and fitness professionals. There is nothing like word of mouth publicity to generate referrals from your current patients. Each one of these providers as a large circle of influence and is likely to know at least 10 individuals they can refer to you. Over the course of a lifetime, this can be worth several thousand dollars. Adopt a bedside manner that makes your patients return to you and keeps your physical therapy marketing efforts worthwhile. Prepare yourself for additional workload, as the friends and family of former and current customers start calling your practice.

Find opportunities to market to large groups, such as public speaking. Search the internet or contact your local chamber of commerce to get a list of civic groups in your area and contact them for speaking opportunities. If you are having trouble establishing your practice, it may be time to consult with a professional. Qualified public relations teams have the skills necessary to take over your marketing efforts and normally possess a great rapport with local media representatives. Such individuals would call, leave messages and follow up with members of the local media. Building relationships with members of the media can get you free publicity, which in turn will build credibility in the eyes of patients and doctors. Dedicate at least one hour every other week to the development of media relationships.

Never hesitate to revamp your physical therapy marketing strategies. As time progresses, your current plan may become stale. To keep things fresh, consult with an expert regularly. Determine what’s working and what’s not, and make the necessary changes. Bring your practice to the next stage with a physical therapy marketing plan that is current and effective.

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Dental Office Marketing – Do It For Your Patients, Not Yourself

First of all, don’t skip this article thinking you have heard this before. Yes, you do know the patient truly pays your bills, but I still, time and time, again catch examples of mixed messages going out. Are you trying to draw new patients, or draw the glorious attention of your peers.

I don’t know how you practice, but I have yet to see a dentist get a check from their competition with a note saying “Great ad, here’s $500.”

Now, down to business. In browsing through a marketing trade journal I caught eye of an ad for an internet printer.

I have not posted the ad because of copyright and internet-sharing rules, but the picture shows an upscale, beautiful building, surrounded by palm trees with the granite company sign out front for a company called Modern Marketing. The headline reads “You Come First.”

So, what’s wrong with this ad?

Well, at first sight it is an attention grabbing ad. Beautiful building, bold headline, pretty colors, etc.

But supposedly at this company, I COME FIRST. If I come first, why do they need an office on the beach with palm trees and a big granite logo? Their supposed concern is about my business, and me, right? If they are that concerned, they should buy me a building. (Keep in mind, this is an internet printer, not a retail store. No customers actually go in the building.)

All to many times I see dental offices make the same mistake. They claim to be “about the patient” through and through. But their office, marketing, and sometimes attitudes reflect the best interest of the doctor and staff, rather than the best interest of the patient.

Take one simple example, the dental chair… this is built with the comfort of the doctor in mind, all tools within reach, stainless handles, 400 different adjustments, etc… What about the patient? They get an “ergonomic” vinyl banana seat to lay in. (A friend of mine had a root canal recently, and her only complaint was back pain from laying in the chair. No root canal pain, just pain from the chair. She complains about it still to this day.)

Action-To-Take Tip: Look at your practice, take every aspect and ask yourself – what am I doing to run my practice for best interest of the patient? Then take your marketing and ask – what am I doing to convey my patient benefits? Remember, the patient ultimately signs your check.

Source by James Erickson

Real Estate Marketing Slogans; a Brand of One

Real Estate Marketing slogans arouses interest in your audience and can be the vehicle that helps establish your “name brand” and invigorate your real estate career.

A good, well crafted slogan can propel your business in quantum leaps, while a poorly considered one can be as effective as none at all. Real estate marketing slogans can work equally well online and offline, but they must be good enough to appeal to mass, targeted audiences.

Consequently, agents work hard and long for the right words to coin the right phrases, for the perfect slogans. After all, their slogans may be powerful or aspiring enough to define their careers.

Realtor Alert! Real estate marketing slogans don’t have to be over intellectualized to create huge “brand names.” Catchy and clever works every time.

For example, Century 21, ERA, & Coldwell Banker are national and/or regional real estate companies whose corporate names serve as their “real estate marketing slogans”. Examples of some gigantic, non-real estate companies are Xerox, IBM, Pepsi and Coke.

Successful Realtors know the importance of using real estate marketing slogans to create “name brands”, but when conjuring up a slogan for yourself why not something as simple as your name.

If Mike, Bill and Hillary can pull it off you can, too. Of Course you know who I mean, which epitomizes the power of a name.

Creating A Slogan!

Now, I can go to the yellow pages, write down a bunch of real estate marketing slogans and throw a bunch of them at you to jump start your creative juices, but you can do that yourself.

A more constructive approach in creating your own slogan is to make a list of 10 slogans that reflect who you are, what niche real estate market you want to be known for, and your interests and personality in general.

Use the yellow Real Estate Agents section of your local yellow pages to get ideas, then strive for phrases that uniquely characterize you.

Imagine being the Madonna, or “leave the driving to us” of the real estate industry.

Is it possible? Absolutely, but you’ll have to create a slogan first! Then you’ll need to use and publicize it every opportunity you get; in your ads, on your business cards, letter head, website, vanity car tag, etc.

Don’t expect instant success right out of the gate. It’ll take a while, but you’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in a year or so. And if you have a real estate marketing system that reaches a minimum of 10 prospects a day the numbers can quickly add up in your favor.

10 contacts a day x 20 days a month = 200 contacts a month

200 contacts a month x 12 months a year = 2,400

contacts a year

Without too much effort you can passively market your slogan to a minimum of 2,400 prospects a year.

I wonder what impact having your marketing slogan on your car would have?

No matter where you live, or what market you’re in you’re missing out on massive amounts of free marketing if you don’t have a car tag of some kind advertising the fact that you’re a Realtor.

And what about advertising your slogan through the penny, nickel and dime publications? Think cheap advertising, high visibility, and lots of readers of your slogan to drive business opportunities your way.

So, create your own unique, real estate marketing slogan; then publicize it heavily; freely and/or inexpensively, but heavily.

Can you see the impact that this might have on your real estate marketing results? I can!

Source by lanard perry

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