Marketing Communication with Subliminal Messages – How Effective Is It?

Despite all the questions about the effectiveness of subliminal messages, several companies are actually spending millions on marketing strategies involving the use of these hidden messages. So how effective are subliminal suggestions embedded in marketing communication materials?

According to many professionals in the marketing industry, branding is really all about creating associations in people’s minds.

1. Does it really work? Several studies have shown that subliminal marketing communication indeed works. However, people don’t always agree, so news of it always die down. Despite this, it has proven itself effective time and time again.

2. How does it work? Subliminal messages in marketing communication works by sending hidden messages to people’s subconscious minds that reinforce things that people already have an innate need for. This is why sometimes we can’t control our response to these advertisements.

This is why the most common messages have something to do with sex, money, and other strong emotions people usually try to control such as anger or violence. These are the subjects that most attract people’s subconscious attention. They are also used in marketing because these are common feelings, experiences, or emotions that people of all ages, class, and background share.

Sometimes, the messages are also specifically targeted to certain individuals. For example, a Johnny Walker scotch advertisement was discovered to have images of skulls and other horrifying photos hidden in the ice cubes of the said beverage. According to psychologists, these types of images are already usually present in dreams that alcoholics often have. So when the subconscious sees those images, they recognize it, thus leading the person to have the urge to act on the feeling.

3. Is it ethical? Advertisements can only go up to a certain point. They are not planting messages in the mind. According to experts, subliminal programming only reinforces thoughts, feelings, and desires that are already present in the subconscious.

4. What are the different ways to use them? Marketers come up with many creative marketing ideas to use subliminal messages in their ads.

Some, like Nike, embed implied messages in their famous slogans. Don’t you ever wonder why Nike’s famous slogan “Just Do It” is so vague yet it somehow makes sense for most of us. When we read the slogan, the brain quickly makes an association and tells us that the message applies to that thing we really want to “just do.”

Some hide photos and images within the print ads and posters, like the Johnny Walker scotch example. Some hide words in the print ads, posters, or even product packaging, such as the placement of a candy with the letter “S” right before the word “explosion” to form the word “SEXplosion” in a controversial Skittles packaging.

Some also embed subliminal messages in TV ads and radio ads; the messages are unheard or unseen by the conscious mind but are quickly absorbed by the subconscious. In a 1950s study, the hidden words “drink Coke” and “eat popcorn” was said to have actually led to an increase in popcorn and coke sales.

Subliminal persuasion is used in endless ways in marketing. It would be hard to control this phenomenon from being used in marketing since they are almost always completely undetectable.

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Digital Marketing Course at IICM (Mumbai)

IICM (International Institute of Creative Marketing) celebrated the successful completion of its Certificate course in Digital Marketing. IICM is one of only provider in India who currently offers this qualification.

The Digital Marketing course is held on weekends over a 4 Day period at IICM center. Delivered by Digital Marketing Professionals with a wealth of experience in the trade, it covers in dept knowledge on Websites including domain name, hosting account which further divides into shared and dedicated hosting, email marketing, Social book-marking, Search Engine marketing including organic search, pay per click, etc, Affiliate marketing, Social networking, Viral marketing further divided into Organic viral and Controlled viral, ORM(online reputation management), Web PR, SEO(Search Engine Optimization), RSS feeds, Mobile marketing, CRM(Customer relation management) and most importantly the different elements of modern day marketing by Seth Gordon as listed: Data, Stories, Products/Services, Interactions and Connections. Also the new 4 P’s which include, Personalization, Participation, Peer to Peer Communication and Predictive Modeling.

The course was attended by the following participants:

1: Ms Vaishali Dalal – Manager – Admin, Smile Care India.

2: Ms Pooja Goyal – Director Business Development, MAK Advertising.

3: Dr Anjali Dilbaghi – Manager Operations, Smile Care India.

4: Ms Rekha Bhosle – Project Executive, Lowe Lintas.

5: Mr Jovias Braganza – Digital Marketing Executive, Creative Merchants.

The above mentioned students completed their classroom training and are now expected to work on a Digital Marketing Strategy as their assignment. Post completion of the assignment the students shall undergo an examination which shall lead them to the Certificate in Digital Marketing.

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11 types of Mobile Marketing

The mobile is a constant ever increasing piece of technology that is becoming more and more affordable and convenient for people all over the world to use, not just using it for communication but for social statutory reasons as well.

The mobile phone is by far the greatest consumer product in history with about 2.8Billion hands sets in use worldwide outnumbering tvs with a ratio of 2:1 (2 to 1) and computers with a ratio of 3:1 (3 to 1).


What is mobile marketing? Mobile marketing is a “marketing method” of promoting one’s business using a mobile phone. There are different types of mobile marketing and these include SMS (text) marketing, mobile web and Bluetooth proximity marketing, MMS, mobile applications, PPC mobile marketing, mobile banner ads, Location-based marketing, voice marketing, mobile games and Barcodes/QR codes.

A. Text/SMS Marketing– Short message service (SMS) or sent to potential customers through the mobile phone using a short code with is a short number of 4-6 digits or a short code with it the usual 9 digit number system, that is referred to as a long code. For example: Get 15% of all checked T-Shirts when you shop at Marks n Spencer outlets countrywide.” (Sent from 4456/44562/445623).

B. Mobile Web– 90% of mobile handsets are internet ready. This is basically advertising on internet web pages that are supposed to be for mobile technology.

C. Bluetooth Proximity Marketing– utilizes Bluetooth to connect with a marketers broadcasting station and station is programmed to automatically deliver content to the consumers’ phone. It automatically authenticates its make and model and sends the content.

D. MMS (multi-media message service)- these are messages that are sent to customers in the form of video, pictures and audio.

E. Mobile Applications– this from of mobile marketing involves have your ads inside of an application design. Basically it is a normal mobile application that includes an advert within it.

F. PPC (Pay Per Call) Mobile Marketing– these are usually advertisements that require the customer to perform a certain action like making a phone call usually with the provided number that the ad gives. If the customer makes a call to that number they are then billed.

G. Mobile Banner Ads– this is when you see a mobile phone on a website with an advertisement on the screen. It doesn’t always have to be like this but marketers like to do this for creativity purposes. So in essence it’s just a standard banner ad but now customized to fit and cater to mobile phone websites.

H. Location-Based Marketing– this type of mobile marketing uses GPS and other software technologies to locate mobile phone users according to their current location and then send adverts and other information to them (usually multi-media).

I. Voice marketing- these are pre-recorded messages that are broadcast numbers from a computer managed list. IVR (Interactive voice response) is that automated voice that guides you through your mobile provider’s customer mobile service section. 

J. Mobile Games– Mobile games that the user downloads that advertise a company or its services and products and aims to entice the user to respond to the advertisement.

K. Barcodes/QR (quick-response barcodes)- codes that allow mobile users to easily obtain information via the use of their mobile.

As you can see the use of marketing with the mobile phone is not restricted and due to technology will only get easier and easier. 

Little fact: 90% of people read their text messages, 85% respond positively to marketing messages.

As you can now see with these statistics that mobile marketing is the marketing strategy of the future and many people all over the world have already started doing it. if you do not take this opportunity right now then you will miss out and you want to be in on it early.

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Customer Profile Template – Learning Important Client Information

A client base is built one client at a time. If you want to maintain that base and grow your revenue potential, then you need to learn as much as you can about your customers. One way to collect pertinent information is to use a customer profile template. This can be set up to remind everyone that speaks to a client to collect certain information for use in sales, customer service and marketing initiatives. An effective customer profile collection program will help you to group customers together that have similar interests and use those groups to advertise specific price specials and other marketing programs. It is the most efficient way for you to learn as much detail as you can about your customer base while maintaining customer contact.

One of the important features of a customer profile template is the ability to add multiple contacts to a single customer file. A good sales professional tries to find as many important points of contact within a client as possible. If the primary point of contact leaves the company, then there are still other people that the sales professional can go to in order to maintain the business relationship. Revenue can be lost if the customer template is not properly utilized. That is why maintaining accurate and current customer records is so important to the success of any sales organization.

As you interact with your clients, you should enter all notes into the common customer profile template. When you have notes on your customer interactions available to the entire company, then anyone who comes into contact with that client will know the history of important issues. A company can give personalized customer service to all of its clients because it can see the client notes on previous interactions. This is also helpful when a customer complains about bad service. Comprehensive notes in the customer profile will help determine what really happened and what can be done to fix it.

A customer profile template should also be used to help bring a bit of a personal angle to customer interactions. You should use the template to capture information such as the birthday of each contact, basic family information and any important preferences such as favourite sports team. This kind of information can be used to strengthen the relationship with a client and can also help predict how a client may react in a customer service or sales situation. If the customer prefers the colour blue, then that is something the sales department should know.

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What You Can Learn From Fashion Design And Marketing School

Most of the time, student of fashion marketing course are usually trained in a whole and wide assortment of disciplines.

These range from fashion merchandizing and coordination, business management, marketing techniques, advertising strategies to include retail management.

It is therefore no mean advice to call on whoever has a gift and considerable sense in fashion to bring out the action in him or her by enrolling to learn the act of fashion marketing, knowing what is in vogue, having the flair and zeal as well as necessary qualities in fashion field.

All these are possible because fashion marketing encompasses design, advertising, business administration as well as a coretous knowledge of the fashion sector. Not these alone, keeping abreast of the fashion trend and knowing what’s in vogue in the present time and to come as expedient as fashion itself.

As nights turn into days, and days into another night, the fashion world keeps experiencing unimaginable transformation. It has become one of the most prosperous sectors in recant time. However did not come magically or effortlessly.

What has being the propelling factor which keeps moving the sector right from the gathering of raw materials to finished products and delivery to the ever demanding consumers is fashion marketing.

Of course, there are fashion marketing schools which are today duly recognized by many professionals as next to perfect in their teachings. The continuous attraction of many to the fashion industry has precipitated an increasing demand for fashion design and marketing schools.

The researching into what ladies and gentle man out there want is just an aspect, to design, display forward it to retail market from where it gets to the final consumers hands are arm of the fashion marketing mix.

Since the reward and the career of fashion are profit, fame, class and recognition in this contemporary world, fashion marketing is seen as a proof and indispensable anecdote to achieve those feats

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