Are You Making Your Marketing Efforts This ‘fresh & Easy’?

At long last! A grocery store finally did something different to set itself apart from the wave of food advertisements that engulf my mailbox every week.

While sorting through Wednesday’s mail, a circular from Fresh & Easy – a chain of neighborhood markets that recently opened here in Phoenix – grabbed my attention.

Adorning the cover were three slices of filet mignon nestled on a bed of fresh greens and cheese risotto, topped with a perfectly placed sprig of rosemary. This tummy-tempting image was a welcome change from the boring food items and oversized prices usually displayed in supermarket mailers.

Teaser text such as “Inside: Burger Time!” and “No-fuss entertaining” on the Fresh & Easy cover created a little curiosity. In the upper-right corner, a headline promised a “Romantic dinner made easy” (an excellent idea with Valentine’s Day approaching). Unless you’re an absolute rookie in the kitchen, you can quickly figure out that the four items under the headline come together to form the pictured steak dinner.

From a promotional perspective, I appreciate how Fresh & Easy uses their mailers to market an end-result. Instead of simply displaying a random assortment of food items for sale, you’re shown a simple, four-ingredient “recipe” that – when combined – creates a complete meal.

Many companies market without giving prospects any direction. Fresh & Easy, however, shows you exactly what they want you to do. The message is simple: If you buy the four items (not just one) displayed on the cover, you’ll be rewarded with an appetizing meal. The proof is in the picture!

What’s more, the idea that this process is simple is reinforced multiple times. Not only does the headline use the word “easy,” the term is also a part of the grocer’s name.

We are a culture that craves things quick and with minimal effort. Fresh & Easy targets prospects’ desire for instant gratification – and so should you.

One other cover item worth noting is how Fresh & Easy displays a unique characteristic that sets itself apart from competitors:

No need for loyalty cards or product coupons. These are our everyday low prices.

Consumers are selfish; they want to know why it’s beneficial for them to use your product or service. Fresh & Easy gives you two reasons why in bold type right on its advertisement.

Inside the eight-page mailer are headlines to attract your attention. Also, descriptive text explains serving suggestions and, more importantly, reasons why you should buy their products. Several images offer visual clarification of the serving suggestions.

Sure, this is just one advertisement. But I think Fresh & Easy is well on its way to being a powerful presence in Phoenix’s crowded supermarket landscape. The company is a bit different … and that’s a good thing.

NOTE: As you’ve probably determined by now, I study my mail. In fact, I don’t mind receiving what some people might consider junk mail. These valuable pieces of marketing magic give me an opportunity to study the promotional efforts of companies from around the globe. Best of all, I never have to leave my house or spend a single cent.

Did you ever think a free education in marketing was inside your mailbox?

Source by Tom Trush

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