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3 Simple Beauty Salon Marketing Ideas

Happy 4th of July!

I live in England so quite frankly it doesn’t mean a lot to me and is just an excuse for a marketing campaign to all my friends who read my stuff in the US.

It’s easy to link a salon marketing campaign to calender events.

“Who Else Want an Independence Day Massage and a Free 6ft Star Spangled Banner?”

Or use any other ‘hook’ to grab people’s interest.

It’s too late for independence day and no use if your in the UK or elsewhere outside the US so here are another two brilliant excuses for a summertime beauty salon marketing campaign (or nail salon marketing campaign, or spa, or hair salon or any other salon…).

  • End of school term offer. There’s a lot of pent up worry for parents just about to see their children break up for the summer holidays! Sure they love having them home but they could certainly do with a little pampering before it starts. In fact, why not run a 6 week special package for Mums and/or Dads giving a half day pampering session every week AND entertainment for the children… And charge a LOT – upfront for it.
  • Pre-Holiday ‘Beach Goddess’, ‘Beach Hunk’ package. People love to look their best when they shoot off to warmer climes… Take advantage and run a special for just so…

I’ve got endless more but quite frankly reserve those for my Salon and Spa Millionaire Inner Circle Members.

If you’re ever stuck for an idea then simply pul out the years events calender and hook a salon campaign to one of those event.

The reason they work so well is as follows.

You have to tap into the conversation going on in your prospects/clients minds.

Anytime you can do that you dramatically increase readership and response…

So simple – yet so many salon and spa owners don’t do it…

Don’t be one of them…

Dedicated to others success,

Henry Baker.

Copyright Henry Baker 2011

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